Project acknowledgments

Micro-Meta App could not have been developed without the help of multiple individuals, whose contribution we would like to acknowledge here: Mathias Hammer, Maximiliaan Huisman, Farzin Farzam and David Grunwald members of the Grunwald lab at the University of Massachusetts Medical School provided inspiration, many useful suggestions, continual support to the project and did lots of the initial testing; Burak Alver, Alexander Balashov, Shannon Ehmsen, Koray Kirli, and Peter Park, members of the 4D Nucleome DCIC at Harvard Medical School were instrumental throughout the project for the development of the graphical user interface, software testing, and backend integration in the 4DN Data Portal. Will Moore was very generous with his time for the initial development of the Micro-Meta App OMERO plugin.

Documentation acknowledgments

This documentation makes use of screenshots that were obtained using the TIRF Epi-Fluorescence Structured Light Microscope (TESM) as an example. TESM was developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Program in Molecular Medicine by members of the Bio-Medical Imaging Group. You can find more information about this microscope here.