What is Micro-Meta App?

Micro-Meta App is an easy to use and flexible software for the collection of Microscopy Metadata.

Micro-Meta App collects Microscopy Hardware, Imaging Acquisition Settings, and Quality Control metadata on the basis of the 4DN-BINA-OME (NBO) Microscopy Metadata Specifications which are a suite of scalable an extensions of the OME data model and have been developed in the context of the 4D Nucleome (4DN) initiative and the Bioimaging North America Quality Control and Data Management Working Group

Features include:

  • Intuitive graphical user interface metadata collection modality
  • Compatibility with the 4DN-BINA-OME (NBO) Microscopy Metadata Specifications extension of the OME data model
  • Storage of Microscope Hardware specifications metadata in re-usable JSON files that can be exchanged with other members of the community
  • Easy to use as a standalone app
  • Easy to integrate into pre-existing repositories
  • Pilot integration into the popular OMERO image data repository


Currently, three implementations of the Micro-Meta App are available on Github.

  1. A standalone version implemented in Javascript Electron which can be downloaded here
  2. A Javascript React version that can be integrated into any web portal, such as the 4DN Data Portal.
  3. An OMERO plugin version that is only available as a pilot implementation on the UMMS-PMM instance of the OMERO server.


Please Note - If you want to know more about the React and OMERO plugin implementations and if you are interested in using them in your portal or OMERO server please contact: caterina.strambio@umassmed.edu.