Other important Video Tutorials

This is a series of video tutorials to help you getting your computer ready to use Micro-Meta App and learing how to report errors.

Report Micro-Meta App errors

These videos explain how to check whether Micro-Meta App is giving any errors so that they can be used to diagnose any issues.

15- Open Developers Tools

This video explains how to open the Micro-Meta App develpers tools, open the Console and report any fatal errors.

Video 15

Manage Java Version

Micro-Meta App depends on the latest version of Java for running BioFormats (which is needed for reading and importing the Settings metadata from the header of the image file). These videos explain how to make sure that you have the correct version of Java on your computer and that your computer is runnning it.

16- Check Java version

First of all, check what version of Java you have on your computer. This video explains how by using the Terminal app.

Video 16

17 - Make sure your Mac computer uses the correct version of Java

If you are not currently running the latest version, you will need to download it from here and then check that the computer is using the correct version. This video explains how to check and how to fix the problem in case it does not.

Video 17